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GIS-based nursery trees management system

 In environment and urban ecosystems, greenery plays an important role in air-conditioning and urban architecture. Managing the care of trees and nurseries to improve the life cycle and prevent plant diseases is one of the current urgent requirements of urban environmental companies. With the development of information technology in general and GIS technology in particular, the application of NTMS-GIS system in managing, caring, felling, transporting and disease preventing for trees has become more simple and easier. The system supports managers to track tree history, tree care history, manage seasonal diseases and support decision-making to minimize risks in greenery investments.

Main components
Data administration module
- Supports the process of converting data into Data Center;
- Decentralizes users;
- Defines the spatial reference system, axial meridians, …;
- Integrates with land use planning maps, construction planning maps.
Nursery trees management module
- Update information of trees and nurseries: directly on maps, GPS, mobile or excel, etc.;
- Query attribute and spatial information of trees
- Analyze longevity, species, and cost of tree
Nursery trees operational information module
- Managing tree care information: watering, fertilizers, tree care professionals and supplies.
- Manage historical tree information.
- Managing hydro-meteorological information.
- Managing soil information.
- Managing felling trees.
- Managing diseases.
- Managing tree movement.
- Statistics of tree species, age of tree, diameter of tree.
- Statistics on operating trees, diseases, dead trees.
- Statistics of expenses for tending and trading trees.
Nursery trees software
* WebGIS portal;
* Desktop workstation;
* Mobile version.