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CCO Mr Tuan Anh Hoang

From March to December 2018, the SMAP CCO, Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh, was sent to FAO -UN in the framework of the Personal Services Agreement with FAO to assist the teams in applying modern technologies into DRR/DRM activities, the specific assignments are as follow:
• Assist in the use and processing of geospatial, hydrological, meteorological and socio-economic data, constructing models and maps for the purpose of multi-hazard/risk and vulnerability assessments and profiling; this includes to link with external organizations to review methodologies and tools for vulnerability and risk assessment
• Assist the team of the main area of work on natural hazards and SP5 country teams, in the development of case specific applications of mapping and downscaling tools to monitor hotspots of natural hazard risk, with specific focus on drought, and inform disaster risk management planning, impact assessment and impact mitigation potentials; this might include short project backstopping field missions
• Assist in ongoing DRR/M project formulation processes on aspects of Remote sensing and GIS technologies applications
• Assist in the processing of geospatial imagery to generate the baseline information on natural resources and managed land and people to create hazard risk and vulnerability maps and identify agriculture related infrastructure and assets exposed to disasters in specific applications
• Prepare a technical paper/article, or a GIS based mapping series documenting a hazard and risk analysis, for web-publication together with supervisor as co-author on a theme related to drought monitoring for food and nutrition security, especially for the downstream area.
Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh has returned to the country as agreed in the contract and has reported all the results of the trip. The trip was a great success and contributed to the improvement of the company's professional network