CEO Mr Nghiep Dang Van

On the 10 January 2017, SMAP's representative, Mr. Dang Van Nghiep, was involved in negotiating the package MOC - 02 in constructing a National Urban Database funded by the world bank in association with Ministry of Construction. The meeting has the participation of leaders of the Ministry of Construction, experts from the World Bank, and leading experts in urban planning and management in Vietnam. At this negotiation, the parties focused on providing solutions to establish and manage the national urban database in the most effective way. Mr. Nghiep mentioned that the current modern technologies are absolutely fit all requirements to construct a centralized urban database, however, the current urban data is being managed in a decentralized manner, so it is necessary to collect and standardize all the data. At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed on some terms and SMAP was asked to set up a Demo to present at the headquarters of the Ministry of Construction in the next few weeks.