GIS-based natural resources and environmental database management system

Management and impact assessment of natural resources and environmental exploitation are among the most essential points and requirements that state management agencies and enterprises in the field of resources and environment are needed to put more efforts and concerns todays.
In fact, those agencies and enterprises are managing data separately and manually. Modernizing and improving managerial capacity with EDMS-GIS helps agencies and businesses have a multidimensional overview of data on a digital map.

Main components
Data administration module
- Supports the process of converting data into Data Center;
- Decentralizes users;
- Integrates with environmental monitoring devices;
- Integrates with one-stop services;
- Integrates with the cadastral database.
Land management and cartography module
- Data management of land use planning;
- Manages measurement and land information.
Water resources management module
- Information management of surface water and groundwater exploitation, and water drainage system.
Minerals management module
- Manages information on exploration and exploitation of minerals
Environmental monitoring module
- Manages and analyses environmental monitoring information.
Climate change management module
Meteorological and hydrological information management module
Natural resources & environmental management software
* WebGIS portal;
* Desktop workstation;
* Mobile version.